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How to create, update and delete the tabs

A tab in the CRM News app is used to group the streams. A tab could have one or multiple streams. A user could create multiple tabs. 

In each tab is available the New Stream box which is allowing to create new streams with a click on the wanted template. If a tab contains more than 4 streams, the streams will be divided in slides and the user could use the navigation buttons to get the wanted streams. 

The tabs are checked automatically for streams updates. First is checked the active tab, then after same period of time is checked another tab. Then another tab. And in this way all tabs are updated automatically. 

To create a new tab:

  • In the CRM News app click on the New Tab button.

  • Enter the tab's name.

  • Click on the Save Tab button.

The created tabs are showed in the right sidebar.

To update a tab:

  • Click on the button with the icon 

  • Edit the tab's name.

  • Click on the Update button.

Is possible to update only the name of the tabs.

To delete a tab:

  • Click on the button with the icon 

  • Click the Delete button.

  • Click on the Yes link.

When are deleted all tabs, a new tab will be created automatically.

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