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How to delete the plannifications from the Midrub Social Planner

You can delete anytime a plannification from Midrub Social Planner. There could be more reasons why you want to delete a notification. I just wanna say, if you've missed days or time, you can anytime to delete the plannification's rules and create new rules.

A plannification can be deleted in 3 ways:

  • Directly from plannification modal in the tab Details. You have there the button to delete a plannification. Will be deleted the plannification completely.
  • If the plannification's posts are deleted all, the plannification will be deleted too.
  • In the  plannification modal -> tab Details you will see the planned time, by deleting all planned times will be deleted even the plannification.

And the fourth way to delete a plannification is if you're deleting your account.

In the video below you can see how to delete a plannification in 3 ways:

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