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How to disable the automatic replies for comments in the CRM Commenter for Facebook app

CRM Commenter for Facebook app is an app which simplifies the Facebook's comments management. With this app is possible to reply automatically to the received comments and send manual replies to the received comments.

You could use both automatic and manual way to provide comments replies. You could for example enable the automatic replies and see the received comments and replies in real time. Then, if you wish, you could disable automatic replies for a post. In this way, someone will send you comments but won't receive the automatic replies. Instead of this, you will be able to send manual replies.

To disable the automatic replies for a post:

  • Go to the CRM Commenter for Facebook app.
  • Click on the wanted post.
  • Click on the Actions tab.
  • In the Quick Replies box, check the option Bot Pause.
  • You could restore the automatic replies in same way.

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