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How to easy install Midrub

If you have problems to install Midrub by following the instructions below, you still can install it in the old way

New way is not perfect but will be improved. First of all you have to open the url where will be installed. Should be a domain or subdomain without any other parameters in url.

Email/password for administrator access:

To install Midrub you have to follow these steps:

  • Download the zip from CodeCanyon. Then upload it in the folder where you want to install. After this follow the video:

  • After this create the cron job

  • Then is important to update Midrub from the administrator like in the video:

  • Next step is optionally. You can configure the user's panel if you want to provide SAAS services. In the video below you can see the required steps:

  • If you have the Posts app, in the video below you will see how to enable it and publish on social networks;

If you want to allow username, you can read how to enable it

If you're getting errors or something is unclear, please watch again the videos above.

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