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How to edit the words with the Translator plugin

With Translator plugin you can easily edit and translate the words from the administrator panel. You just need to identify the interested feature -> file -> words and click on the edit icon. Next step is to edit the words and save them.

Each file has two columns:

  • Original - original words which i'm writting. Sometimes them could have wrong words or grammatically incorrect. With a click you can edit them, but after update you will lost these changes.
  • Rewrite - are the words which are used as alternative for Original and won't be touched after update. The Rewrite column is displayed even if the rewrite file missing and if you're editing one word in that column, the rewrite file will be created and the Original file won't be used more.

Before save a word, the Translator plugin creates a backup for the file which is updated. You fill find it directly in the same directory where is located the edited file. The backups files aren't displayed in the Translator plugin. 

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