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How to enable the Quick Guide in any CRM app

The Quick Guide feature available in both administrator and user's panel could be used to provide a quick help to the users. In the administrator panel the Quick Guide requires static content, but for user's panel the articles could be managed from the administrator panel -> Frontend -> Quick Guide(i have used the Frontend component because there is ready a contents manager feature).

To create a Quick Guide for a CRM's app, you have to:

  • Enable first this option from the administrator -> User -> Apps -> any app -> Quick Guide.
  • Copy the app's slug from the adress bar in the user's panel(you could see this in the video below).
  • Next, you have to create a new content in administrator panel -> Frontend -> Quick Guide.
  • Create even a category with the app's slug where should be displayed the created content.
  • Add the category to the created content and the content will be showed in the Quick Guide box.

You could display even multiple level subcategories in the Quick Guide box. The subcategories should have as parent the main app's category.

You could see full process in the video below:

The design now is based on the blocks and i could change the design of any element in the CRM or administrator panel from a single file. For this reason, the design will be improved overtime but the process is the same.

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