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How to enable the Quick Guide in the CRM News app

Quick Guide is a feature which is allowing to create quick documentation in each enabled app. CRM News has support for the Quick Guide feature and you could use this feature to create a documentation only for the CRM News app. 

To enable the Quick Guide:

  • Sign In as administrator in the Midrub CMS.

  • Click on the User menu item(fifth icon).

  • Click on the Apps submenu item.

  • Click on the News app. 

  • Check the Quick Guide checkbox.

  • Click on the Save button.

The Quick Guide feature is enabled but its box won't be displayed in the CRM News app. Is required to create content first.

To create the quick guides:

  • In the same administrator panel, click on the Frontend menu item(fourth icon).

  • Click on the Quick Guide submenu item.

  • Click the New Guide button to create the first guide.

  • Enter the title and text content.

  • In the Categories box, click on the (+) button.

  • Click on the button New Category.

  • You will see three text inputs(first is the category name, second is the icon class and third is for the category slug).

  • The category slug should be crmnews

  • The icon class could be copied from one icon here

  • Create a category and select it.

  • Click on the Save button and the quick guide will be saved and you could see it in the CRM News app.

The button below shows how to enable the Quick Guide feature:

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