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How to get insights in real time for social networks by using the CRM Analytics app

CRM Analytics app is an advanced analytics app which could be used by default to get insights about the social networks and ads. It has support to be extended with insights from any platform which has api. 

By default the CRM Analytics app has support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok. 

This app could provide insights in real time and for a wanted time interval. The insights in real time are limited to one day and this way is recommended to be enabled in the users plans with free subscription(because uses less server resources). The insights by time interval are saved in the database and is highly recommended to be provided only for users which have a paid subscription because it uses a lot of server resources(cron job).

How really works the insights parsed in real time for a day?

  • First the user should select the wanted profiles(pages, accounts, etc).

  • Next step is to select the metrics.

  • After this, the insights will be parsed in real time.

  • If the user has selected 100 metrics and 2 profiles, means will be done 200 requests to the metrics platforms. The browser won't be affected by so many requests, but it will take time to display the insights. 

  • The parsed insights will be saved in the cache and at the next requests, will be provided fast.

The user which is able to get insights only in real time, will be able to export results in CSV or PDF. The user is able to subscribe himself to receive by emails the reports for a day. 

For the real time insights isn't available the feature: Best Posting Time. 

I know its hard, but the second way will provide you same experience like you've seen on the popular analytics tools. 

The reason of the real time insights is to avoid the server overload. Imagine my demo, there are connecting the people thousands of accounts, pages and companies. They are joining mostly for testing and forgetting to delete the connected profiles. And the tool will continue to monitor the connected profiles without any reason. When the people are paying is a different thing. 

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