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How to install a user's component in Midrub

A component in Midrub is a page or more pages displayed by default in the administrator's panel, user's panel and for guests. The difference between components and apps is in impossibility to enable or disable a component in the plans. If is enabled a component, will be displayed to all users.

Midrub has three types of components:

  • user - displays several default pages like Team, Plans, etc.
  • administrator - displays all pages in the administrator panel.
  • auth - displays the sign up, sign in, reset password and other pages enabled for guests(except the theme's pages).

You can install the user's components with a click:

To add installation support for a user's component, create the installation.json file with this content:


    "version": "component's version",

    "required": "required Midrub's version",

    "php": "component's php files in a zip file",

    "assets": "component's assets files in a zip file",

    "category": "user_components"


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