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How to install and configure Midrub

Until now i didn't created yet a installation system for Midrub, but i'm going soon to provide a very advanced installation system which will allow you even to understand what should be configured in your server system.

Until the installation system will be ready, you have to install Midrub manually. The process isn't hard, just is required attention. All Midrub configuration and configuration of the social networks, requires attention. 

The installation process requires several steps:

  • Upload the Midrub zip in the directory where you want to install Midrub.
  • Create a database in Mysql.
  • Create a database's user and add the rights to be able to manage the database.
  • Unzip the uploaded zip.
  • Open the file application/config/database.php and add your database's name, user and password.
  • Open the file application/config/config.php and add your base_url, login_url, site_name, contact_email and notification_email.
  • Also, in same file add your cookie_domain. Example:
  • Then open your website url and sign in with administrator/12345678
  • After sign in, please update from admin.

For more details, please watch the video below:

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