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How to install the apps manually

The installation of the apps is required to be done automatically from the administrator panel. The reason is to create automatically all required tables in the database. Otherwise, the manuall installation could generate errors.

How to install the apps manually?

  • Open the downloaded app's zip.
  • Inside you will see the file
  • Open it and you will see a json code.
  • Look at the key php and search the value in the downloaded zip. The value is the name of another zip file in the downloaded zip.
  • Copy that zip and extract in folder application/base/user/apps/collection
  • Next, look in same installation.json at the key assets.
  • Look at the downloaded zip and you will see the zip file of which name is the value of the assets key.
  • Copy it and extract in the folder assets/base/user/apps/collection.

Next, you have to use the app, because in this way, the missing tables in the database will be created automatically.

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