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How to install the CRM

Midrub is an open source software which you can use to easily sell services to your clients. It has multiple features which allows you to provide features to the clients by plan. It has integrated even several payments gateways which you can use to receive payments from the users for their plan subscription.

By default the Midrub CMS has a login, registration and reset password page to access the administrator panel. The administrator panel has multiple components to manage the user, administrator and public features. It allows to enable

In the Midrub CMS aren't available themes for public, themes for the user panel or apps for the user panel. For this reason I have created a collection with apps for the user panel, theme for the user panel and theme for the public. The collection is called CRM(because i'm going to develop more apps and will be possible to have a CRM).

The CRM could be downloaded here

At this moment the CRM includes 4 apps:

  • Dashboard - is a page where are showed the widgets of the installed apps. It has even a search box to search in the available apps.
  • Apps - is a directory where the users could enable the apps which the user wants to use. By plan is possible to enable the apps which will be available in this directory.
  • Settings - is an app where the user could manage the apps settings, its profile, manage login access, files and connected social accounts.
  • Team - allows to create a team, roles for team and has an internal messaging platform.

The video below shows all steps how to install and configure the CRM collection:

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