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How to install the CRM Analytics app

The installation of the CRM Analytics app is quite simply and doesn't require special skills. Please, remember about the plans. This is SAAS and the plans should be configured, otherwise you will report the 404 error message.

How to install the CRM Analytics app?

  • Download the zip from CodeCanyon.

  • Extract the folders from the zip.

  • You will find the CRM Analytics app in the folder app.

  • Sign In the Midrub CMS as administrator.

  • Click on the User menu item(fifth icon).

  • Click on the Apps submenu item.

  • Click on the button New App.

  • Click on the button Upload App.

  • Select the app zip.

  • After installation you will be redirected to the Apps list.

  • Click on the Analytics app.

  • Enable the app(other options there are optionally).

  • Click on the Save button.

  • After this, you could create a menu item for the user's panel.

  • Click on the Menu submenu. 

  • Select the wanted menu.

  • Click on the button New Item and select the App and enter the item's name and icon.

  • Last step is to configure the plans. 

  • Click on the Plans submenu item.

  • Click on any plan.

  • Click on the Analytics submenu item.

  • Enable App -> Save.

After these actions the app is available for the users which have the plans where you have enabled the CRM Analytics app.

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