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How to install the CRM Social plugin

The CRM Social app is a big app with hundreds of thousands lines of code(only the posts preview has 14 thousands lines) and a lot of features which should be used by the user and managed by the administrator. For this reason I have created the CRM Social plugin, which shows in several pages additional options for the CRM Social app.

To install the CRM Social plugin:

  • Download the CRM Social item from CodeCanyon.

  • Extract the folders app and plugin.

  • In the folder plugin is located the CRM Social plugin.

  • It could be installed in the Midrub CMS -> sign in as administrator -> Plugins(7 icon in the main menu) -> New Plugin -> Upload Plugin(select the CRM Social plugin).

  • After installation you will see the CRM Social plugin in the Plugins list.

  • Click on the menu icon in the plugin section and click the Enable item.

The video below shows how to install the CRM Social plugin:

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