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How to install the Midrub InboxAll app

Midrub InboxAll is a Midrub's app with same installation process like have all other Midrub's apps. By downloading the Midrub InboxAll's zip from CodeCanyon, you will find other two zip files inside:

  • - has the php files.
  • - has the javascript and css files.

To install Midrub InboxAll app you have to unzip first the main downloaded zip. After this:

  • Upload the file in the Midrub's folder application/base/user/apps/collection/. Then unzip it.
  • Upload the file in the Midrub's folder assets/base/user/apps/collection/. Then unzip it.

If you've copied correctly the files in the folders specified above, you will see the Midrub InboxAll app in the Midrub -> Administrator Panel -> User(menu item) -> Apps.

Now you have to configure the Midrub InboxAll app:

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