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How to install the SellIt app

SellIt is an app for Midrub and like other apps has same installation's steps. Just download the zip from CodeCanyon on your PC. Then, sign in as administrator in Midrub. Click on the User menu's item. Click on Apps menu's item and click on the button New App. Click on the button Upload App and select the downloaded zip.

The app will be installed and you will be redirected to the apps list. Click on the SellIt app and enable it. Next step is to create a menu item. Click on the Menu menu's item and Select a Menu. Click on the button New Item and Save. In the added box, enter a custom name instead SellIt, select the SellIt app and click on the button Save Changes.

Next step is to enable the SellIt app for the wanted plans. Click on the Plans menu's item. Click on any plan and click on the SellIt app. Last step is to enable the app in the plan and save the changes.

The video below shows all installation process:

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