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How to install the user's themes

Midrub allows you to customize the user's panel as you want. I'm creating themes for different types of services which i'm selling. Even you could create your user's theme by knowing only html. 

Midrub allows you even to install the user's themes with a click:

  • Go to Midrub -> Administrator -> User -> Themes.
  • Click on the New Theme button.
  • Click on the Upload Theme button,
  • Select your theme and it will be uploaded.

Midrub isn't able to recognize if you have uploaded a user's theme, administrator's theme or frontend's theme. For this reason you have to pay attention on what you're uploading because the structure is almost the same.

To add support for your user's theme, create two zips for assets and php. Then create a json with this content:


    "version": "theme's version",

    "required": "required Midrub's version(will be used in future)",

    "php": "php zip folder",

    "assets": "assets zip folder"



Then add all in a new zip and your theme is ready. 

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