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How to make payment with credit cards in Midrub

Midrub has support for unlimited kinds of gateways with it's very advanced structure. You are able to integrate in Midrub any kind of payment gateway and it could be done professionally like have the middle and big companies. 

You can create themes for Midrub Payment and create any kind of html/css/js. All default payments gateways are using ajax for payment processing and options are imported in the payment gateway every time when the payment should be done. What kind of options? Midrub Payment like all other Midrub features were developed for universal use and with options you can say to the payment gateway this will be an one time payment, user could subscribe to make payments, user will be subscribed forced, user has coupons, user will get invoice, etc. This is universal and Midrub Payments will be possible to use for any kind of services.

The default credit card payment gateways have same template like in the image below:

The preview will show highlighted the text on the credit card to help user to understand what he does. The subscribe checkbox helps user to subscribe to make payments automatically.

By default Midrub has credit cards support based on Baintree and Stripe. With their services Midrub can understand if your users are still subscribed, if they have money on their credit cards, when users cancels subscrition directly from the gateway, etc,

 Each transaction now could be seen in the admin panel and user is able to see in his panel. 

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