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How to receive money with PayStack in the SellIt app

The SellIt app has support for the PayStack gateway. This gateway isn't available by default in the app. You could get it separately. 

The PayStack gateway don't supports decimals for price. For this reason you can enter the amount without decimals. If you will enter the decimals, them won't be used. The problem with decimals will be showed in the invoice and payment form, because the most popular payments gateways are requesting the decimals for amount.

The PayStack gateway is easy to be configured and you could read more about the configuration in the Configuration category. Each user of the SellIt app should configure the PayStack gateway to be able to receive the payments.

You could use both test and live Public and Secret Key for PayStack. You could use for example the test Public and Secret key to test the payments before start to sell items. 

You have to enable the email request from buyers, otherwise the PayStack gateway won't work. 

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