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How to reply to the Facebook comments in the easiest way

The CRM Commenter for Facebook provides the most advanced features to manage, store and process all received comments in any your Facebook Page. This app provides even nice automations, but in this article i'm explaining how to reply manually.

First of all, you or your agents just should open the main page of the CRM Commenter for Facebook. There, will be showed in real time all posts which have a new comment on Facebook. You or your agents could get with a click the newest comments because the unseen comments are stored in a separate box and only you could decide when these comments are seein.

If you are interested only in a post, to see the newest comments, you just have to open that post in the app and wait in real time the new comments. 

You could reply even multiple times to a comment. You could even use the emojis + attach one image(If you're attaching multiple images to a comment, will be used only the first).

For anyone who replies to a comment in the CRM Commenter for Facebook will be created a record in the Activity page of the CRM Commenter for Facebook and the team's administrator will be able to see this and will get information about how active are its team's members.

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