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How to reset the language's files in a plugin, component, theme or app

When is creating a new language in the Translator plugin, all files/directories from the default language are copied to the new language. Then the copied files could be translated from the administrator panel.

But what happens if after the new language someone will install new themes, plugins, apps or components? These will be without a language and will generate errors. For this purpose i have added a button for all themes, components, apps and plugins which allows copying separately the default language files to the new language. 

Lets see an example:

  • You have added two new languages: Portuguese and Spanish.
  • When you're installing a new app, it will have only the default English language.
  • Select the Portuguese language and you will see the app doesn't have any language files for Portuguese.
  • Click on the reset button and all files from english will be copied to the Portuguese directory. Next you can translate them.
  • Same do for Spanish.

Be careful, because if an app has language files in Portuguese and you're clicking on the reset button, all files will be overwritten.

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