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How to schedule a post with the CRM Social app to be shared on the social networks

With the Scheduler tool of the CRM Social app is possible to both share in real time the posts and schedule the post for future sharing. For both shared now and scheduled posts the Scheduler tool saves the publish history and the user is able to verify what is gone wrong if a post wasn't published.

To schedule a post:

  • Go to the Social app -> Scheduler.
  • Click the button with user and + button.
  • Select the accounts where will be shared the post.
  • Use the text composer to create a post.
  • Scroll down.
  • Click the Schedule button instead to click on the Share Now button.
  • Select the date and the hour when the post should be published.

The CRM Settings app allows you to select the timezone and hours format. You could there select even the first day of the week. All these preferences are supported on the CRM Social app.

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