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How to select photos and videos in a tweet with the Threads Creator for Twitter app

The Threads Creator  for Twitter aims to provide a more simply way to build threads with tweets and publish them on Twitter. One goal to make the Twitter Threads more easy to create consists in the way how are selected the images and videos. You could select them with a click and you can use same images/videos in multiple threads.

You just need to click on the image icon in the wanted tweet and click on the images or video which you want to add and click on the button Insert to Tweet. 

You could add in a tweet images or videos. Not both. Only a video per tweet is supported and you can select up to 4 images per tweet.

To remove the images/video from a tweet:

  • Click again on the image icon and deselect the unwanted images/video. Then, click again on the Insert to Tweet button.
  • Another way is to click on the cross icon which is over images and videos.

The source of photos and video in the video below is

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