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How to send email in Midrub and how understand why you're emails aren't sending

Midrub uses 100% the CodeIgniter's sending email's library

Please don't tell me about how it works well on same server for other scripts because the problem is in your configuration not in my script.

By default the mail sending protocol in CodeIgniter is sendmail and sometimes the server could support only mail or smtp as mail sending protocol. 

If you aren't able to send emails from Midrub, please use a smtp and in your SMTP protocol fields try each of these mail, sendmail, or smtp until will work. With one of these will work for sure. If no, your smtp credientials are wrong.

The function with mail configuration in Midrub is located in application/helpers/mail_helper.php. The function is smtp.

At this moment is possible to change the mail sending protocol only when you're using the SMTP. I'm going to add even without the option to change mail sending protocol but i need to do this in a professional way and i will rethink the SMTP configuration page for the best usage.

In the video below you can see how to configure Gmail Smtp for Midrub:

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