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How to send emails automatically and get the history with the Lists app

The Lists app could be used to send emails by using the official Gmail's api and your Gmail email as sender. I will provide a very very advanced email marketing and now it has priority for me. Until it will be ready, you could use the Lists app to send emails, reminders(with the Planner app), news(with the Stream app), rss posts(with the Posts app) and products from eBay or Woocommerce with the SmartRepost app.

The email subject could be customized for each list and you could add html content before email content in each list and html content after the email content.

For each sent email, you could see the history in the Lists app. You could see which email addresses have received your email message and which not.

The app is very simply and easy to use. I've provided above only several ideas how to use it.

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