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How to send emails from the Posts app, RSS or SmartRepost

The Lists app allows to create emails lists which can be used them to send text emails from the Posts app, Planner, RSS Feeds and even from the SmartRepost app.

The created lists can be used as social accounts and can be automatized the emails sending. The email subject can be customized in each list and you can custom the email template for each list.

For the scheduled emails, you can use a delay and send for example only a number of emails per hour. The emails will be sent with the Gmail's api and from the selected Gmail's email.

In the video email you can see how the lists can be used:

My idea is very large. Immagine you're connecting your Woocomerce shop or eBay Store in the SmartRepost app and you're sending daily promotions to your clients. Same can be done even with RSS.

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