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How to send promotional messages to your Facebook subscribers

The Midrub Facebook Marketing app allows you to send promotional messages to your subscribers saved in the Midrub Facebook Chatbot app or Midrub Facebook Commenter app.

This feature could penalize your Facebook app and for this reason it's important to read the terms

You have the optional to enable the Promotional Messages page only per plan and you can decide if you will use it or only the automatizations. 

How works the Promotional Messages page in the Midrub Facebook Marketing app?

  • First of all go to the Promotional Messages page.
  • Then click on the button New Message.
  • Next, enter a Promotional Message name.
  • Select time when will be sent the message.
  • Select a category or several categories and will be selected all subscribers which have one or all selected categories.
  • Enter a plan text or select a Suggestions Group.
  • Then click on the button Save.
  • The created promotional message will be sent at the expected time.


I don't have yet a clear vision on the scheduling time. I need your help to tell me about how you're using the promotional messages.

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