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How to set a default message to reply automatically to the received Instagram direct messages

In the CRM Chatbot for Instagram app the user is able to set a default message which will be used as response to all received direct messages. Each Instagram's account could have its default response.

To create a default response:

  • Go to CRM Chatbot for Instagram app.
  • Click on the Accounts menu's item.
  • Next click on the New Account button.
  • Select an Instagram account and click on the button Next Step.
  • You will be redirected to the created account's page.
  • Enable the account by clicking on the switcher from the top of the page(should be ON).
  • Enable the Default Response.
  • Enter a message.
  • Click on the button Save Changes.

The default response will be used only if the automatic mode is enabled and the the Instagram's user message doesn't meet any quick reply rule.

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