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How to subscribe the team's members to the departments

Midrub allows to create new pages in the Team component. These pages can be added from any component, theme, app or plugin. 

The clients could open in any moment a new ticket or chat and the team's owner will receive an email notification if this option is enabled in his Settings. But how about team's members? Them will receive notifications only if are assigned or invited to a ticket or chat. This could be a problem because your clients wants a fast response. For this reason i've used the available Midrub's function to create a new page in the Team component.

The page in the Team component will show you all departments. By clicking on a department, you will see all team's members. With a click you can subscribe them to a department. If are subscribed, them will receive a new email notification for new tickets and chats with the selected department where these members are subscribed. 

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