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How to target interest suggestions for your ads

Immagine you want to publish an ad on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger and all your audience won't even be interested in your ads. You will lost money because your audience is not interested in your ad. You could use age, country and other options to restrict the access only to the audience you need. Even so, your audience couldn't be interested in your ad. For this purpose Facebook offers the possibility to selected one or more interest suggestions. An interest suggestion is a collection of words or one word which the users have searched. Each search has saved them in an interest suggestion.

You could select for example an interest suggestion for a car model because your ad is dedicated to that car model and your audience will be interested in your ad. You can select even several interest suggestions for an Ad Set. 

To make the Midrub Facebook Ads Manager more useful i've added the interests suggestions search in the Ad Sets section and you can search interests suggestions based on the Ad Set country's language and your words. You could get up to 1000 interests suggestions and select up to 5 interest suggestions for each Ad Sets. For each interest suggestion, you will see the number of interests. 

With the Midrub Facebook Ads Manager's you can now create an Ad Label with several interests which meets your RSS Feed and create automatically ads every time when you have new items in RSS. You can select the time when the ad will be stopped directly from the Ad Label and now you will get only the right audience. 

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