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How to track the errors for Facebook Groups posting

To save your time and my time, i wish to explain here a simple way how to test the Facebook Groups posting directly in the Facebook Api Graph and see if there are errors with posting. The testing process takes 2 minutes and you will see directly on Facebook if there are errors. 

Go to the url and select your Facebook application which you're using in your website. Don't generate any token because it was generated for your website and will be used same permissions.

In the url's input enter the string me/groups to see all your Facebook Groups. You will see the groups name and id. Click on the id for the wished group and add the string /feed after the group's ID.

Click on the GET button and select POST. Click on the Add Params link and enter in the first field the string message and in the second field enter any text.

Last step, click on the Submit button and you will see if the post was published successfully.

You can see all these actions in the video below:

You could do this anytime when you have posting errors with a Facebook Group.

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