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How to understand why the SmartRepost doesn't work

The SmartRepost don't publishes the posts. It just schedules them for you. The posts are published by the Posts app.

If the posts aren't published as you except, you have to go to SmartRepost -> History and click on the condition which has errors in your opinion. If the condition is active, means the SmartRepost app works as excepted and you have to go to the Posts app -> History -> Post -> Details.

If the condition was stopped, you will see a notification message in the condition's page. The reasons could be these:

  • No accounts selected.
  • No group selected.
  • Group don't has accounts.
  • The source don't provides content.
  • The source's account was deleted.

These errors will help you understand where is the problem.

If no posts are published, the condition should be still active because the source maybe don't has new contents.

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