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How to use the scheduler to publish the posts on the social networks

In the first version the CRM Social app was released with 4 tools for posts sharing on the social networks(there is space for more but first version have had only 4). From these 4 tools, only the Scheduler tool allows to publish posts manually in real time.

To share a post in real time with the Scheduler tool:

  • Go to the Social app -> Scheduler tool.
  • Click on the button with user and + icon.
  • Select the accounts where will be published the post.
  • Type a message.
  • Click the Share Now button.

The post will be published or not published(on some social networks is not possible to share only text). For more details, go to the History page and click on the last post id. In each account you will see the three dots icon. Click that icon and select Posting History to get details about the publishing of the post.

The main features of the Scheduler tool:

  • Create posts with title and description.
  • Short urls.
  • Hashtags suggestions.
  • Media files upload.
  • Media files download.
  • Professional preview.
  • Characters counter for title and description.

The video below shows how to publish a post in real time with the Scheduler tool:

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