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How to use the taxes for an item which you wish to sell with the SellIt app

Nevermind in which country you are living or where you want to sell your items, the taxes are important to be paid for anything you want to sell. The SellIt's app allows you to enter a separate tax's value for each item which you're selling. For one item you could have a tax and for other item, you could have another tax.

The tax which should be entered in the item's special tax input is a number which is calculated as percentage. If the user will enter any other non numeric character as tax's value, it will be removed when the buyer will pay and from the invoices. 

If the tax's value is 0, it won't be used but could be displayed in the invoice if the user wants the taxes to be showed in the invoices.

Users could custom the tax word from the invoice's template.

The video below shows how the taxes are working in the SellIt app:

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