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How works 3D secure for Braintree payments

The default Midrub payments options, Braintree and Stripe, suports only 3D secure payments. The difference between Stripe and Braintree 3D secure is in sms. The Stripe's 3D secure works without sms. 

Both one time and recurring payments, Braintree will provide to use the sms verification form. It uses same way like banks and wil make user to trust in your service. 

I have to make more changes to implement 3D secure in Midrub for Braintree:

  • Card Number.
  • CVV
  • Expiration Date

Are different and don't works like in Stripe. Unfortunately i wasn't able to implement same form and i'm not able to detect key input due to iframe with external urls. 

Other features works in same way.


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