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How works the Activities component with the Support Desk Pro

Support Desk Pro has integration with the Activities component and it will save your activity and your team's members activities in the Activities component.

Support Desk Pro saves in the database such kind of information:

  • When is created a ticket.
  • When a ticket is closed.
  • When someone replies to a ticket.
  • When someone creates a department.
  • When someone deletes a department.
  • When someone opens a new chat.
  • When someone replies to a chat.
  • When someone creates a product.
  • When someone deletes a product.
  • When someone connects a product.
  • When someone deletes a connected product.
  • When someone change a client's status.
  • When someone deletes a client.

The activities can't be deleted and anytime you will see who has replied or created something.

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