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How works the direct messages for Instagram comments

iDirect app allows you to reply with direct messages to the received comments on Instagram. You could group the direct messages by categories and select the accuracy.

How to create a direct message?

  • Go to the iDirect app.
  • Click on the Direct Messages menu item.
  • Click on the button New Message.
  • Enter the keywords which are used as condition to identify the received comments.
  • Enter the text reply(only the text is supported).
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Click on the saved direct message and select the category.
  • Next, same category should be selected in all Instagram accounts eligible or the direct messages with the same category.

The accuracy is optional. You could change it anytime in an existing direct message.

In each direct message you could see the comments which have received the bot's reply. Right now is not possible to get the username for the personal Instagram accounts. Instead, username you will see the user's ID.

There are another restriction which makes this feature hard to be used. The direct messages are sent only if the user has contacted you before with direct messages. Maybe this limit is temporary.

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