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How works the folders in the Planner app

Since the version 0.1.2, the Planner app has the option to use the folders as sources for plannifications. The folders works in same way like the posts, just the posts are selected in random way in real time from a folder.

How works the folder?

  • You can create new folders from the Upload CSV modal.
  • You can import posts in a folder from a CSV(latter will be possible even to select a folder in the New Post modal).
  • You can select the folders and create a plannification.
  • You can add new folders to an existing plannification.
  • Anytime you can add or remove the posts from a folder(just click on the folder's name).

If you're selecting 3 folders in a plannification with one rule for 2 posts and random way, will be selected in random way the folders and then the posts from the folders. If you're selecting also 2 posts, will be selected in random way the posts or folders. The process is easy. 

A folder contain even a million of posts. You can manage their posts easy in real time.

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