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How works the iDirect's Subscribers page

In the iDirect app you will find the Subscribers page by clicking on the Subscribers menu item. The goal of this page is to show the list with the collected Instagram users which have contacted you. The list is based only on the bot's reply because are collected only the users which are receiving the bot's reply.

By clicking on the Details button for a subscriber, you will see the list with the sent comments/messages and the bot's reply. Each comment/message shows even the time when was saved. 

At the bottom of the subscriber's page you will see the Categories section. For example if a received bot's reply has the Category 1, the subscriber will receive the Category 1. If another bot's reply has the Category 2, the subscriber will have even the Category 2. The categories could help you to understand the subscriber's interests.

The subscribers can't be deleted. Them are deleted automatically only if you're removing the Instagram's account.

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