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How works the Important list with threads

The main goal of the Chatbot app is in automations. Guests will receive information based on their messages or actions in your website. But what happens if a guest wants to get in touch with a real agent? For this purpose i have invented the Important list and in the article about the CRM Chatbot app for CRM Automations apps gallery i will show a real example how this works automatically.

How the guest could request real assistance?

  • First you have to create as many bots and quick replies as you wish. 
  • Then, you have to provide a default message which explains: If you need to get in touch with a real agent, please enter the word agent.
  • Then you have to create a quick reply with the keyword agent and accuracy 100%.
  • The quick reply should have an original category.
  • Then you have to create an automation in the CRM Automations app. The automations should have as app Chatbot and trigger should be New Message. 
  • The Trigger configuration should have the category selected in the Quick Reply with the keywords Agent.
  • Next you could create an action in the CRM Automations app with the Action to move the thread in the Important list. 
  • You could create even an action to send an sms to an agent with the thread link. 
  • When the guest will enter a message Agent, the real agent will receive an sms and will find the thread in the Important list.

The Important list shows real time alerts in almost each CRM Chatbot pages about new Important threads and the agents could see even there that someone looks for help.

The threads could be removed from the Important list from the Threads page -> Important -> Preferences.

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