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How works the Linkedin Insights in the Posts app

In the Posts app you can get insights for Linkedin Companies. With a click on the Details button you will see insights, comments and last updates of a Linkedin Company. Videos aren't supported yet.

At each update you will see the the comments and you can reply to the existing comments and create new comments. The insights can be seen for both company and single updates. 

The available insights are:

  • Page Views.
  • Desktop Page Views.
  • Mobile Page Views.
  • Careers Page Views.
  • Jobs Page Views.
  • Careers Page Banner Promo Clicks.
  • Careers Page Employees Clicks.
  • Careers Page Jobs Clicks.
  • Careers Page Promo Links Clicks.

I don't added Linkedin Insights in the Socialytics app because for Linkedin webhooks is required special access. But i'm going in the following months to request access to the Linkedin webhooks.

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