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How works the Midrub's errors reporting system

The Midrub CMS aims to become the most complete business solution. Error reporting is an important feature because the user and administrator should understand if he does something wrong. 

Since the version, Midrub has an advanced Notifications component which allows to custom the emails templates sent by the system, send news to users, send promo alerts to users, display ads and other important features. Since the version is available even an advanced error reporting system which will show instant popups with errors. For example a user tries to publish a post in 50 accounts and in one of these, the post wasn't published. In maximum 5 seconds the user will get a popup with a link where the user could see where and why the post wasn't published.

To save the error alerts, i'm using the save_admin_notifications_alert function. Alerts are saved with all system languages available even if the alert has one language. This happens because the user's language is required to be displayed the popup or page. If user changes the language, he will be able to see same errors.

For social networks the errors alerts have only the banner/popup with direct link to the History -> Post. But you could save even only the error page if you wish. I mean, the save_admin_notifications_alert function could be used only to save the alert's page without banner and the user will see it in the last notifications list at the top of the page(if the user's theme has it) or in the Notifications component for user.

The errors alerts of any user are displayed even in the administrator panel. Because the administrator don't has rights to access the user's account. Therefore the admin could see the user's errors and help the user. 

In the update's description for the version Beta 1 you could see videos with errors which are saved/showed for all social networks.

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