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How works the Midrub iOS App

The Midrub iOS App is my first app developed for iOS and for this reason it taken soo much time. I've created it in Swift 5 and you can publish it on Apple Store. 

If you have configured it as i've explained here and uploaded on Apple Store, you can use it on any device based on the iOS. 

As the Midrub Android App, the Midrub iOS App don't supports social sign in or sign up. Once signed in, the app will start to verify if new posts are available for posting(Instagram and Whatsapp). Once found, will display to the user the posts and accounts where could be published the posts. User can publish the scheduled posts with a click. If the app is closed/runs in backgroound, the app will show a push message and a notification on the app's icon. Once open the app, the notifications will be deleted and after several seconds, user will see the posts to publish.

The Midrub iOS App has paginations buttons(back and next) instead loading because i think this way is more simply to get messages. All icons are saved in this location Midrub/Midrub/Assets.xcassets and you can upload yours png instead.

User can delete the scheduled posts with a click if has published them or no. 

The Midrub iOS App has even the section History where user can see all posts and can delete them. For example this can be useful to deleted a unwanted post. The History section has same kind of pagination like the Scheduled section and user can see all posts.

Each post in the History section has the post content and accounts where should be published or was published the post. Also, you will see the scheduled or published time with different icons.

The Midrub iOS App don't has new post creation feature but will be developed,

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