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How works the multilanguage support for user

Midrub allows you to use multiple languages for frontend and user's panel. Is important to pay maximum attention to the translated files because if missing, could generate errors.

In a previous article, i've explained how to use the language files:

// Load language
$CI->lang->load( 'user', $CI->config->item('language'), FALSE, TRUE, PATH_OF_YOUR_COMPONENT_APP_THEME);

$CI->config->item('language') contains the value of the variable $config['language'] from the file config.php. If user has selected a language, in his options he will have a meta with name user_language. Than, each call when user's session exists, the Midrub core verifies if the user's option user_language exists and if exists, replaces it with default $CI->config->item('language'). In this way user will have the selected language.

In this way you can use multilanguage. Hard? If you look, i'm using same concept as the most popular websites. 

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