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How works the Overview page in the CRM Chatbot app

The Overview page in the CRM Chatbot app provides very useful information to the team's owners. Team's members can't see the Reports section with Overview and Activities pages.

In the Overview page you are able to filter data based on  two time intervals and by website. The showed data is grouped in 4 widgets: Guests, Stats, Agents and Actions.

What kind of data shows the Overview page?

  • Guests widget shows the number of guests which have contacted you.
  • Stats widget shows the total number of guests, messages, quick replies used as replies and actions executed.
  • Actions widget shows the actions executed and ordered by popularity. These actions are executed based on the guests actions. You could execute automatically these actions with the triggers. For example you have a trigger for a button click in your website. Every time when someone clicks it, will be executed an action. This action is counted.
  • Agents widget shows the list with agents and the number of sent messages. This information helps the team's owner to understand what are doing his team's members.

The Overview page is essential to provide a professional chatbot service to your clients.

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