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How works the Sign Up in Support Desk Pro

Support Desk Pro is a collection of apps, theme and components which was developed to charge agents which wants to provide support to their clients. Support Desk is for companies which want to charge their clients for professional support.

In the Support Desk version, can sign up only clients. In Support Desk Pro version can sign up both agents and clients. For this reason i have created a new Sign Up Auth's component. The Auth component allows both agent and client sign up.

The agents can sign up without problems. But, the clients should have an invitation code. Otherwise, the clients should get the Sign Up page from the agent's invitation url. These restrictions will help to keep control on the clients. 

The agents have the invitation url in their Settings page.

If clients have the invitation's url, them won't see the invitation's input.

You can custom with CSS and JS the Sign Up as you need directly from the administrator panel.

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