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How works the Spintax feature in the Midrub SmartRepost app

TheĀ Midrub SmartRepost app has the Spintax feature which allows you to create automatically original posts. You can import as many words as you need and at each word you can add one or multiple synonyms.

When you're creating a condition, you have the option to use the Spintax feature and replace the source's content. If is enabled, the synonyms will be replaced in random way. If you have a word: button with synonyms button1, button2, button3, etc. The Spintax feature will select one in random way every time when will find the word button.

You don't need to take care about lowercase and uppercase characters. The Spintax feature could recognize and make the synonym to be in the same way.

You can read about the Spintax feature even hereĀ

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