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How works the triggers in the CRM Chatbot app

The triggers in the CRM Chatbot app is the main feature of this app. Them could be used in multiple ways: send deals based on the visitors interests, provide support and get in touch with potential clients.

There are 3 kind of triggers events:

  • Page Access - identifies the urls by exact url or a piece of url. Has a time pause and sends a message. It could be used to send a message if the guests stays more time on a page.
  • Element Seen - detects when a guest sees an element in a page and sends a message. It checks when the page opens and when the guest scrolling the page. It could be used to provide suggestions or deals when a visitort are seeing an element.
  • Element Click - detects when a visitor clicks on an element. It could send a message after.

You could use text messages or bots in the chat for triggers. The bots have categories and if a guest gets a bot message, will be assingned a category and the Funnels app, called CRM Automations app will identify the assigned category and could contact an agent in your team and provide the thread's ID where the agent could get in touch. 

The triggers events are dynamic and you could create yours triggers events.

The videos below shows how works all available types of triggers events:

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