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How you can enable the apps in Midrub

As i've explained more times the Midrub's Apps have more advantages and them are more useful than Midrub's User Components.

If you still don't understand why Midrub has so many options to configure i will provide several reasons:

  • Midrub is a SAAS script.
  • The plans allows you to enable/disable services/apps for your clients.
  • The apps by default are disabled and to be displayed in the Plans page, because you could have 100 Midrub's Apps and will be hard to manage them in the plan if all are available. Also, the Apps page has options for each app.
  • For each your client you can decide which features will have per plan. Midrub allows even limits for each app in the plan's page.

Please, after installation, remember to enable the Apps from Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Apps and from Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Plans -> any plan where you want to have them.

After this, please create a menu in Midrub -> Admin -> User -> Menu and add the apps you want and components in the available menu.

The video below explains better how to enable the apps for users:

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