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How you can see the errors for social posting

In the Posts app you have two ways to see the errors which are occurring meanwhile the post is sending:

  • First way is in the History tab. When you're clicking on the Details button, you will see the list with accounts where the post was sent. You will see where the post was published and where wasn't published. If the post wasn't published, you will see the reason. You can read more here

  • Second way is available since the Posts Version 0.2.3 and it is based on real time popups with direct link to the post page. The second way requires even the Midrub version The popup with error will be displayed until it will be closed or will be clicked on the popup's link.

As administrator, you could see the social errors for posting in the Administrator Panel -> Notifications -> System Errors. The errors can be filtered by type and by user. The error type start first with the app's name(For Posts it is posts_).

By clicking on the system error, you will see:

  • The banner content displayed as popup for user.
  • The page's title shows the network.
  • The page content shows the error(for user this page is disabled but the user could see the error in the post's page). 

The errors for RSS Feeds could be seen in same two ways, just the post's page for RSS has a different url.

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